Spring 2017/12 week semester
Orientation – Tuesday, January 31
Registration Deadline – Tuesday, February 6
First day of semester – Tuesday, February 7
Last day of semester – Tuesday, May 23 (Concert/recital)





Registration Fee – $25 [ Apply Here ]


CC Attendees and CCA Students: $180 per semester
Non-CC Attendees: $240 per semester


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 101 Worship/Music Track Highlights

  • Worship Foundations – What is Worship?, Why, Who and How We Worship
  • Understanding the Modern Worship Encounter, Leading Through Music
  • Reading Music Charts, The Modern Worship Band, Vocal Technique
  • Basics of CG, Leading an Effective Rehearsal


102 Worship/Music Track Highlights

  • Nurturing a Heart for Worship, Abiding in Christ, Following the Call
  • Communicating with the Congregation, Basics of Scenic Design
  • Vocal Harmony, Rhythm Section Fundamentals, Rehearsals


201 Worship/Music Track Highlights

  • Shepherding the Team, Committing to Christ Like Character, Anointed by God
  • Worship Song Writing, Basics of Lighting
  • Refining Your Vocal Style, Growing as a Musician, Rehearsals


202 Worship/Music Track Highlights

  • Developing as a Leader, Spontaneous Worship Leading
  • Basics of Live Video and Camera Operation, Basics of Audio, Basics of Videography
  • Singing Solos, Key Chords and Scales for the Band, Rehearsals


301 Worship/Music Track Highlights

  • Recruiter and Builder of the Team, Managing the Team and it’s Resources
  • Pre-service Prep, Communicating to the Team,
  • Recording in the Studio, Vocal and Instrumental Improvisation, Rehearsals


302 Worship/Music Track Highlights

  • Designing a Worship Encounter, Producing a Worship Experience
  • Vocal Health, Gear/Gizmos and Gadgets, Music Theory
  • Basics of the Set up and Strike, Rehearsals


101 Technical Track (Operator level)

  • What is Worship?, Basics of Audio, Lighting, CG, Live Video
  • Camera, Videography, Scenic Design, Set up/Strike, Rehearsals


102 Technical Track (Programmer level)

  • Nurturing a Heart for Worship, Audio, Lighting, CG, Live Video
  • Camera, Videography, Scenic Design, Set up/Strike, Rehearsals