What is the Cost per semester?
The cost for church attenders is $180 per 12-week semester and $240 for non-church attenders. Private lessons are $25 (30min), $40 per hour (advanced skill level is recommended for 1 hour lessons) and $20 for (30min) group lessons and $30 for (hour group) lessons. Those lessons are offered at the Christ’s Church Mandarin campus.


Who could participate?
Our School of Worship is for grades 7-12 and adults. It is also open to non-CC students and adults. Private and group instrument/voice lessons would start at 4th grade.


What would be the length of the program?
We offer 2 different tracks – Worship/Music and Technical Arts. The Worship/Music Track has 6 – 12 week semesters (3 years total) Offering 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 302. The Technical Arts track has 2 – 12 week semesters (1 year total – 101, 102), with the option to volunteer on the CC Student or Adult Technical team.


How long is a typical week’s schedule?
Classes meet on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Christ’s Church Mandarin Campus.


Where is the location?
Our Curriculum classes and instrument/vocal lessons will be offered at the Christ’s Church Mandarin campus.


How do I sign up?
Register Now Here for the Spring 2017 Class.


What will I learn in the classes?
Classes focus on these primary areas of study: We offer 4 tracks – Worship Leading, Instrumental, Vocal and technical production. Classes are designed to be an integrated, interactive learning experience.


Will scholarships be available?
Not at this time.


Is childcare provided for students?
No, there is no childcare provided.


Can I visit to check things out for myself?
Prior to each semester we will have an orientation/open house catered to prospective students. We’ll give you a tour of the campus, introduce our leadership, chat with our teachers and faculty, and answer any questions you may have. We believe the school speaks for itself and would love to give you a firsthand look.


What will I receive upon completing the program?
Worship Leader and Technical Production students who complete all 4 semesters and the 501 Apprentice program will receive a Certificate of Completion.


Is college credit available?
The Emergence School of Worship is not a college, nor do we at this time offer college credit. You will receive training that has direct application to worship ministry today. Besides the classroom training and lessons offered you gain experience by doing ministry here and now, as you volunteer on one of our Worship Ministry teams. A part of the Emergence process involves helping those who complete the program to develop their resumes, and helping them find places to look for opportunities in worship ministry at one of our campuses, another like minded church or continue their education.


Something we didn’t mention?
Please contact us here or at 904-268-2500.