Registration Deadline: Tuesday, August 29
Orientation: Tuesday, August 29 6:30pm – 8:30pm
First Day of Semester: Tuesday, September 5
Last Day of Semester: Tuesday, November 21
Recital/Concert: Tuesday, November 28


For Worship Leaders… we will help you develop more than the platform skills. You will not only learn the biblical perspective on worship, you’ll learn who a worship leader is on the inside and what a worship leader does like – leading a congregation in worship, developing a team of volunteers, building a music program, manage the resources of the team and so much more.


If you’re a Musician or Vocalists… we’ll help you hone your skills by learning from seasoned professionals. You’ll receive focused instruction in a variety of environments helping you to maximize the effectiveness of your ministry through music.


If you’re into Audio and Technical Arts… what happens behind the console at front of house has more influence over the service than most instruments on stage. What you see during a service is as important as what you hear. You’ll learn how lighting and video, done well, work together to build energy in worship and add focus during the teaching time. And as campuses like ours continue to expand to multiple video sites, a familiarity with video systems and terminology is invaluable when you’re working in a growing church.

Emergence is open to students 7th grade – adults. All classes are at the Mandarin campus – Tuesday nights 6:30-8:30. The classes range from classroom study to participative labs and music rehearsals. The Emergence Worship curriculum themes draw from 5 areas of study. Worship Foundations (theology of worship), “Who a Worship Leader Is” (the heart of the worship leader), “What a Worship Leader does”, (several areas of skill training), Cultivating Musicianship (vocal and instrumental) and Technical Arts Essentials (basics of audio, lighting, CG, video, camera, visual arts etc.). Each of the 12-week semester studies embodies the 5 areas of study. We offer 2 tracks – Worship/Music and Technical Arts. The Worship Music Track Curriculum is divided into 6 – 12 week semesters (3 years of total study) (101 102, 201, 202, 301, 302). The Technical Arts Track Curriculum is a 1 year – 2 12 week semesters (101, 102), with the option of volunteering on the student or adult Technical Teams.