Emergence School of Worship, a ministry of Christ’s Church, exists to equip future worship leaders, artists and technicians to impact the world for Christ. Founded with a specific purpose of providing worship training and education, Emergence will offer an incredible opportunity to help many students of all ages pursue a deeper life of worship and discover that calling on their lives through participation in the program. Gifted and experienced instructors will be investing into the next generation of worship leaders, helping them to develop their God given potential and a heart for worship. By providing an environment that combines God centered curriculum, interactive labs and music lessons, students will be supplied with plenty of practical tools for a lifetime of ministry.


It’s never too early or late to learn how to passionately pursue what God has placed inside a person. We have developed curriculum specifically designed to help aspiring worshipers develop not just the skill but also the spirit required to lead worship or work in the area of technical arts. Over the next several years we can walk along side you and help you discover Gods calling on your life and to see you raised up to effectively serve the local church. If you’re proficient, with experience using your artistic skills, and have a passion for leading people into God’s presence, we will help you maximize your gifts. If you need help in developing your skills by widening your area of expertise, we can help you go to the next level. We combine group instruction and individual mentoring to help prepare you for more effective ministry.


If you have a desire to grow in your gifts to benefit the body of Christ, we’d like to invite you to pray about being a part of our program. If you sense a calling on your life towards leading worship and are hungry for an opportunity to explore it further, the Emergence School of Worship many be the right place for you.


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Emergence School of Worship operates with these 4 foundational pillars:


1. Musical/technical TrainingIndividual and group lessons in the students instrument of choice (guitar, drums, keys, bass, voice – contemporary band) Music/theory training, Skill training in the technical arts

  • Participants will have training in all areas of tech
  • Specialized workshops (worship leading, in ear training, technical training)
  • Participation in student/adult worship bands


2. Spiritual Engagement – the teaching staff will lead students in devotional teachings on worship

  • Students and adults will participate/be a part of the Christ’s Church services and worship ministries
  • Prayer, worship and biblical teaching will be integral to the curriculum for all participants


3. Leadership Development

  • Members of the Worship team will provide mentorship
  • Occasional structured involvement in Worship activities
  • Opportunities to lead other students and to lead worship at events


4. Culture – Regular teaching on the culture and vision of Christ’s Church and Worship from worship leaders and other staff members on why we do what we do